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leading to a high degree of customization in the analytical approach

Business Development and International Growth 
Companies often postpone developing their international business due to a perceived lack of resources. They often fail to realize that there already exist good international prospects within reach which can increase their growth. In addition, today’s global business environment presents different economic cycles. When North America is in a slow or a down cycle, Europe and Asia may still experience fairly robust growth. Furthermore international business can broaden the customer base, provide further product definition and an increased competitive edge and international partners can strengthen business with greater reach.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Financing
The M&A business has gone through many evolutions over the last few years, however the fundamental activities and objectives remain the same. We provide search, analysis and mediation services tailored to your objectives.

• We provide searches for a target company or technology as per the criteria provided by our clients.

• We assist our clients in defining their longer term growth strategy and how M&A could play a role in it.

• Detailed merger, integration and restructuring plans and implementation.

• We provide first mapping and all initial due-diligence activities.

• Introductions to venture capital or angle investors with the proper fit for your organization and goals.

Global Distribution Channels 
It is not enough to have the best product and service. One also needs to have the most effective way to get them to your target customers. Besides logistics, finance, legal and other components required for doing well in international business; good communication and a good understanding of how business is done in other regions are vital to international success.

• We will do a market analysis for your products and services in selected target regions.

• We’ll design a complete Channel Map for you including implementation tactics and execution.

• Communication with international partners, it is not only in “words”. We’ll close the remaining gap.

• We’ll provide a detailed business plan on how and when to go from distribution, to representation, to “setting up camp” and eventually go to full international presence in specific target markets.

International Business Culture, Protocol and Procedures
There are many missed international business opportunities because people neglect, or even worse purposely ignore diverse business cultures, protocol and procedures. Beyond basic courtesy and professional demeanor, there are many subtleties that will work to ones advantage in any business meeting, communication and business transaction. Invest time in learning about them and the returns will be significant.
Communication is not only in “words”. Body language, gestures, posture, tone and volume of voice all communicate. If not perceived as intended, the consequences can often be very “surprising”. AGYCON can help understanding these subtle details and make them work in favor of its client.

International Business Facilitation and Mediation 
The advantage of a “go-between” in business transactions has been proven in many areas of the business world. In the past using a mediator was mainly attributed to some of the Asian business cultures and practices. Today, the more experienced international business professionals have learned to use this approach in many settings, not only in Asia, but also in Europe South and North America. In business execution as well as in conflict resolution and mediation, AGYCON is ready and has a proven record of successes.

• AGYCON acts as an authorized “go between” and provides the needed buffer to achieve the effective business goal.​

• AGYCON provides leadership, and knowledge of Business Politics and Politics of Business in the International Environment​

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