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International Business Facilitation

Based on the international background and expertise of associates and global network, AGYCON is actively

involved in cross border business activities between the United States, Europe and Asia and Latin America.

Over the years, AGYCON has assisted numerous companies and their overseas activities, including:

- business-to-business introductions

- partnership hunt

- joint-ventures

- distributor search

- international marketing strategies development

Strategically Located

Based in Florida, AGYCON's services can easily be delivered across the Western Hemisphere, but we also are working closely with our European and Asian partners.

AGYCON has local presence in every Country where 
it operates.


AGYCON comes in as an additional member on the client's team as relates to the particular plan, negotiation, partnership or change that is brought about.

"We know people who know people who know people"

This is certainly AGYCON's strength: networking at the highest business and political level in all the countries where engaged.

Cross Cultural Preparation

AGYCON conducts its business with a focus on details of key cultural and business differences among the various countries around the world where it operates.

AGYCON is specialized in cross cultural and international negotiations and services fully customized to the specific needs of each task.

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